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  1. just be good, the great thing is you can test with as small as 5k usd and increase after the you satisfied.


  2. Hi,
    I have just start with 5k as I’m a new graduate from college. with my salary for the first week, Philip helped me grow it to 8.5 K Euro. in this way, I could pay back my study loan soon. thank you so much. 🙂
    Drew from Germany

  3. I’m not a rich and I can only start with 8000 USD, can you guys provide a seat for me. please, thank you very much

    Ali Mahmoudi

  4. hi all,
    I come to this site by searching managed account service. there is no good chance for investment on financial markets worldwide. I have lost a lot on the forex. when I find Philip fisher, who is just so nice and helped me a lot. in the first month, he earn me about 34k pounds, although there is still a long way to go for recover my loss on forex, I believe philp will help me make it.
    Sean White
    London, UK

  5. when I attend a wedding of my friend. I just heard the guys on another table talking about investment on binary option. I never thought about investing on binary before that day. the man driving a new Porsche 918 and nice. I just asked him for the contact info of Philip fisher, he gave me since he also is the friend of my old friend. so it is good way to know new great friends to attend the wedding of friends. LOL the story began and I become financial freedom after months works with philip. many thanks
    Jack, Lee
    LA, USA

  6. I start trading by myself from the last August and make some small money at the first. then I want to win back but the things become worse, I just lost more in the end. I accept the fact that I cant trade and win money. on a meeting in Melbourne, a friend refer me Philip fisher and his team. I just start with 10000 AUD with him and first week, he made 4820 aud net profits for me. just impressive. I withdraw his share and pay him, just leave my own share grow in the account. till now, the balance grow to 94870 AUD. Gd bless you!
    Sydney, Australia

  7. I’m Kathleen, I come from India, before I join geo, I was scammed by 24000 USD in total from a broker. then I authorize Philip to manage my account on binary.com, he run the 10000 usd into 14290 usd in the first week. this help me a lot. i come here to say thanks. you are just as great as other people say. good luck
    and don’t use Lbinary, a big scam broker, cant withdraw funds

  8. I have been here for a long time, great to see so many successful experience, i will join next week.

  9. Hi Philip, I have send the email on the managed account service you provide. please reply me, thanks

    John Evans
    South Africa

  10. Thanks for your good service, you helped me payback all the loan now, wish a bigger success !

  11. I already sent the 6752 euro for your share of last week, please let me know after you got it. thanks

  12. I have already opened the account and will invest 10000 USD at the beginning. will let you know after the funds credit to my account.

  13. I want to share my experience with Philip fisher. I have 6+ years of experience in Web Application Development, Architecture Design and saved about 400,000 SGD with work hard. but the nightmare start when I start trading by myself. it is just be addicative and I cant control myself. lost about 230000 dollars on option trading and forex. after I met Philip fisher by a recommendation of my classmate in college, I invested about 20000 sgd to test the water. it turned into 137560 dollards after the first month. I cant say thanks more. for the new investors advice, don’t place trades by yourself even you are a professional trader. the psychology will make you lose money with your own hands, this is my lesson learned. thanks again!

  14. the trading is just good as others said, I made the decision to join by seeing the reviews here and internet. not disappointed. the performance just better than the claimed 35% weekly. thank you very much for your great service.


  15. Thanks for your good work, I will send your share when I back home since I don’t have the phone at hand, I need it to login the skrill account since I turn on the double factor security on my skrill account. will do transfer soon when I back home. thanks for your patience.


  16. I have withdraw 12000 euro and keep the rest in account for you manage. after I got withdraw, I will send it by skrill, thanks

  17. for my work with geo, there is some problem. my account down 3% at the first day due to a computer failure, but it is ok, Philip just helped me recover it back and made 2708 euro net profits the next day, I will see more days, and plan to invest to 30000 euros if all things goes well.

  18. hi Philip,
    how are you. I’m a college student, I saved about 7000 pounds by starting a small business. I want you to manage it for me to look for capital growing, so that I can start a bigger business when I graduate with the funds. I will keep my share to grow in the account. thanks

  19. I managed the funds of our company by myself before my close friends Jason recommend Philip fisher and his team to me. In the first month, I put about 50000 USD in my account and his team make it to 95268 usd, then I present the statement of the account and the result to the partners of the company, all shareholders agreed Geo and his team to manage the funds of our company. now it grow to 0.7 million. it is a great way to add values to our business especially under the downturn of market. thanks, highly recommended!

  20. Hey buddy,
    I want to you to manage my account on binary option, I ‘m to here and a friend told me about you and I decide to invest 10000 euro at the starting point and considering add up to 40000 after first month. thanks

  21. What could I say, I lost 6900 usd with another trader Steven, it is my hard earned money. the good thing is Philip helped me and recover my loss from another bad trader. thank you

  22. the service is wonderful. I lost about 13000 usd on 24option. and Geo helped me on recovery. it took about 2 weeks to recover all the loss with 15000 usd capital, just unbelievable!
    Ya, Huang

  23. I have added your skype which show u offline the moment. I’m interested in join you with 10000 euro at the start. please offer me a slot.

  24. I’ve done a reseach on a list of managed account service till now and i would be glad to join you with 20000 euro, hope great cooperation with you.

  25. there is great way to use the service of Philp. I enjoy the feel when there are stable profits made each week, who does not? lol
    Great, you will not be regret to use Geo’s managed account service.

  26. It is a good team. I’m satisfied with the service of Philip Fisher and Geo. cant be better. 🙂
    the best thing is I can pay after I get my withdraw, obviously, they are not affiliate of any broker. so they work hard to make as much as possible. they only get paid when there is profits, which highly demand they really do good at trading binary.
    Amy Rose

  27. the service just great, I have earned 3752 USD for this week, I will be rich soon under the help of Philip Fisher.

  28. Hi Philip,
    I have an account with 24options, can you help manage it for me. i have accepted the bonus of 3000 usd. the balance is about 18k for now. please help me. thanks

    1. Thank you Philip for you saving my money! i was robbed by the bad brokers in binary option in this year. thanks for Philip who help me a lot on trading. highly recommended.

  29. hi philip
    I have account with IQ option and funded 5000 usd, with bonus, the balance is 13426 usd, can u manage it for me

  30. thanks philip, i have received my first withdraw of 4375 usd from binary.com; i will send your share by skrill today. thanks for ur good work

  31. A long time ago, I participated in binary option but without benefiting anything from it. I decided to use Philip to trade for us. I was convinced that it would be easier to use a Good account manager as i always lost control and blow my own account by myself. I tried to look for a profitable traders. Unfortunately, no traders convinced me! then a friend of mine refer Philip ‘s trading team and i’m satisfied with the results so far. highly recommended

  32. Can you help me to trade my current account with 24option; as i know there are bonus limit on the account; if you don’t want to trade it; which broker do u use?

  33. I hope this helps! I want to start with 5000 USD first; if it works, i will add 5000 usd more and then go with 50,000 usd; thanks

  34. I Just checked your site and i’m interested in your service; i want to start with 5000 pounds first and add more funds if i’m satisfied with the performance.

  35. Thank you Philip, you saved my life. after i lost my 20k with 24options by another trader steve, i just lost hope. now you saved me, thanks; highly recommended

  36. Mr. Philip & Team

    You are a very Confident and Well Analyzed Risk Takers who do Quick Massive Turnarounds, Guys I went in with Philip yesterday for the First time with 10K and in matter of 3 hours it Gained Profit of 2K or 20% in 3 hours. Nice Work!

  37. I came across your site and i’m impressed by your performance, i would try 5000 GBP first; if good, will put another 15000 pounds.

  38. Thanks a lot for giving everyone remarkably brilliant possiblity to earn money on binary option. Philip is a nice guy and help me a lot. highly recommended

  39. I have satisfied experience with philip till now. i would refer this service to my close friends. so they can make some money as well.

  40. I intended to invest 50k euro which now in my forex account. i have invested some money on 24options and only lost money. the account manager of 24options always call me to add more fund; this is annoying. i just want to try your service with 5000 euro first and put the 50k later if the performance is good as others said.

  41. I came across your site by searching the managed account. I have lost about 15k last month; i would be happy to make 35% per week. will join when i have my fund ready

  42. I have made about 25k usd from philip’ trading service with my 10k usd capital. thank you very much. highly recommended

  43. hi, i come from German; i have 120k euro in my forex which is traded by a forex trader and he lost about 30k . i just quit him and would like try your service. can you consider me as a VIP client?

  44. I came across your website by searching the google. i’m impressed by your performance. i have a live nadex account but i lost about $15000. can you manage it for me? i will fund $10000 first. if your performance is good, i will put another $40000. thanks

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