Managed Account Service®

We offers CFD and option managed account service for clients.

Today’s end balance and trades of a VIP client’s account:

balance 6.20


Account details

Description Based on your investor profile and stated risk preferences, our trader will help you work out the appropriate risk level to  actively manage your Account with maximized profits
Minimum investment 5,000  USD.1
Profit sharing We dont charge any fixed fees, you only need pay based on our performance. generally we charge 55% for the account with 5000 USD to 20,000 usd, 50% for accounts with 20,000 USD or more.

How to proceed

Account opening You open account with advised brokers, Dont try with those advertised broker, 90% of them are scams, such as price manipulation and  withdraw problem, etc
We manage the account After the client deposit to his/her binary account, provide the login details (You can set the cashier password to lock the withdraw area) ; then we start trading after we get the login details.
Withdraw and pay our share After you do the withdraw and get them, then pay our share with Skrill. after we get our share, we will continue trading next session.

Before you provide the login details, you can set the cashier password to protect your funds: My account–>setting—>Security—> lock cashier by a password (Which should be different from the login password)

Binary option managed account:

Withdraw issues

How often You can withdraw twice per week in the first month; and weekly from the second week.
How much to withdraw You can withdraw our share and leave your own share compound; you can also withdraw part of your share, it is up to you.

Next steps

To contact us for detailed discusion

skype: add live:soros1957

Risk disclaim:  Trading involves financial risk and may not be appropriate for all investors. Dont invest more than what you can lose. This site has nothing relation to any broker or company.when you provide the login it means you authorize us manage the account on your behalf. You may responsible for any possible loss in your account. the above screenshots only shows the past history which should not be considered as the same actual fact on your account. We won’t work in any form with clients from USA unless you can access to the regulated brokers.