Scam Alert

Recently, our clients told us that there are negative reviews online about our managed account service. i just checked and will explain this issue objectively. we went online since 2014 and there was no negative reviews online about our service but from mid January 2019, there are negative reviews about our service. we concluded there are following possible reasons:

  1. By searching the key wordNadex managed accounton google, you can see we are ranked as No.1 out of 116,000 without any google ads. we have many competitors that want our website down. they attempt to ruin our fame by posting negative reviews about us. to prove us, we provide the “trail service” with a lower amount than minimum for first week. you will see the actual results on your live account. the real results will prove itself.
  2. There are scammers who pretend as potential clients and get trading record from us to cheat others. they show our trading record to their contacts and gain login from others but trade by themselves. i will post these scammers below. just avoid them and contact us by this website.
  3. The small clients who have only 500 usd or less and they saw our amazing trading results. they are motivated and eager to let us trade for them. however, due to the time cost and risk management requirement. we rejected them and they just hate us and post those negative reviews online. we received many request of such small clients. most of them are good ones but there are bad ones.

Scam brokers: the ones that manipulate price or don’t allow clients withdraw. these are reported by our clients with their  real experience before join us.

  • : withdraw problem
  • withdraw problem and price manipulation
  • www.highlow.netprice manipulation
  • withdraw problem when you win big amount.
  • www.rbinary.comwithdraw problem and price manipulation
  • : withdraw problem and price manipulation
  • : withdraw problem

(Updated till May, 2019)

Scam clients: Who did not pay us and the one who cheat others reported by other clients

  • shaz koser madni, India or Kashmir, he gathered screenshots from us to cheat other investors. reported by the victims of him.
  • Saleh Ali: Tanzania, a big scam and a lair
  • Ijaz Anwar: United Arab Emirate. He pretend as a potential client and acquired our trading records, then take the records as his own to cheat others, contact us only via the contact info on this website) 
  • Chuma Okoye: Nigeria, owe our share 4326 USD
  • Ginex Bin: USA, owe us 253 usd ( did not pay us after we trail on his 1k account)
  • Kalimuthu Palan: Singapore/India?  cheat other clients with our trading record
  • Marco Albret: USA, did not pay our 527 usd after we trail on his 2k account
  • Marcos Markland: use our trading record to cheat others
  • Sai Kalyan G: Singapore/India; owe our share 3218 usd
  • Ellena: Australia, Scam others clients
  • James sode: UK, scam other clients
  • Brendan St, USA, owe our share 1485 usd after we trail on his nadex account
  • Bryan Ng: Singapore, did not pay our share 4583 usd after we trading one week on his nadex account.
  • Donald Kent, USA; did not pay our share 5655 usd after we traded on his nadex account
  • Peter Ajex, UK, did not pay our share 3782 GBP after we traded his account
  • Ahmed albs: Dubai, did not pay our share 2785 usd after we traded his account
  • Dow Adves: USA, did not pay our share 4039 usd after we traded his nadex account
  • Richards Ronni: USA, owe our share  5465 usd
  • Linda Hadder : USA, owe our share 5955 usd
  • annie spindle: sadi Arab, owe us 3816 usd
  • Mamie Cosby: USA,  owe our share 7368 usd after we trade his nadex for the second week
  • Trellis Rodgers: USA, owe our share 3345 usd
  • Linda Smith: dubai, owe us 6284.5 usd after we trade for his account
  • Hazel Caro: India, owe us 1984 usd after we trade his acct
  • Johnson Lakendrick: Sweden, owe us 4895 Euro after we trade his account
  • Sue Haney: USA; owe our share 2598 usd
  • Brittney Robinson: UK, owe our share 4522 gbp
  • Susan Cameron: Australia, owe us 5741 AUD
  • Pama Stewart: UK, owe our share 3264.5 GBP
  • james lewis: USA, owe our share 3817 usd
  • Douglas Reimer: Nederland, owe our share 5106 euro
  • Eddings Elouise : USA, owe our share 3351 usd
  • Carroll Janine: Malaysia, owe our share 2984 usd after we trade for his nadex account
  • Betts Suzanne: USA owe our share 8962 usd
  • Harry Harrison : USA, owe our share 1785 usd
  • Autumn Johnston: Germany, owe our share 2558 euro after we trade his account for first week                             (Updated till March, 2020)